Courtesy Visit to Mrs. Maria Omozele

Supporting Women through Global Impact

Courtesy Visit to Mrs. Maria Omozele

The long-awaited meeting with Mrs. Maria omozele ( commissioner of Women Affairs and social development) graced the light on the 8th of October 2020.

The secretary Mr. Joel did a brief introduction of the foundation and it excos while The CEO(Sophia Nadia) explained in details what the SNF foundation is aimed at as requested by the commissioner and her dignitaries; stressing the indispensable need for a partnership to curb the society to a certain level of tranquility; to ensure that SNF (Sophia Nadia’s foundation) is duly in cognizance with the Government and that the right mental and moral support is efficiently carried out.

After a brief rundown of what SNF is aimed at by the CEO (Sophia Nadia), the honorable commissioner, being expressively pleased and impressed, commended the foundation and the CEO (Sophia Nadia) for taking SNF’s initiative to fruition, siting a brief recall as what she had aimed to achieve in her youthful days.

She went further to declare her support for the foundation and its programs.

In summary, the purpose of the meeting was successfully achieved, a cordial relationship was established between the commissioner, her dignitaries, and Sophia Nadia’s foundation.

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